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At Beautiful Brides we know that you want to keep your dress as a treasured keepsake of your day. We also know that after a very busy and exciting day your dress can sometimes get quite dirty, Especially the trains of the dresses on a winters day!

After your big day Beautiful Brides can have your dress professionally cleaned and boxed in a wedding dress box and packed in acid free tissue paper. This will keep your dress safe and clean for years to come to be treasured or passed on to the next generation.

As the most treasured and very likely the most expensive dress you will ever wear, it is extremely important to have your dress professionally cleaned after your big day before storing it away.

BEFORE cleaning, our staff will give your gown a thorough examination to identify any stains, problems or note any special instructions.

SPOT cleaning will be carried out prior to the cleaning of your gown. We endeavour to remove all stains and in most cases are extremely successful. However it is not possible to guarantee the removal of every mark and stain from every type of fabric. Delicate materials require gentle treatments and this can limit our ability to treat stains, especially those that are ingrained, or time set. We use our experience to recognise where to stop before risk of damage to your gown. We do, however guarantee to strive to achieve the best possible results and usually this means a completely clean and rejuvenated gown.

ORNATE decoration: Before cleaning, we will check any large pieces of decoration or trimming. If necessary and where possible, we will secure or remove completely any loose trimming. If necessary and where possible, we will secure or remove completely any loose trimmings, replacing then later. The smaller beads will be checked and if any should detach from the gown, we will do our best to replace them. The gowns are always cleaned in their own bags within the cleaning chamber. Whilst every care will be taken, we cannot accept responsibility for any trimmings which are unsuitable for cleaning.

We then proceed to clean your gown using specialist methods identified in our examination. We select the best method of cleaning with great care – depending on fabric, composition, decoration and level of soiling.

After Cleaning, your gown is re examined and if further cleaning is required we will start over again, This process will continue until we are satisfied that we have done everything possible to ensure your gown has been treated and cleaned to the highest possible standard.

Once satisfied that your gown is the best it can be, We will pack it in a beautiful dress box which is acid free, using many layers of acid free tissue paper to protect your gown for many years to come. An opaque breathable dress bag will be placed in the box, in order that you can take it out of the box for a short but still keep it in optimum condition.

Storage Advice. There are some easy but essential rules to follow If your wedding dress is to remain as beautiful and perfect as the day it was worn.

Plastic dress covers are not suitable for long term storage. Only use them for short term hanging.

Do not store in a normal cardboard box unless made with special pH neutral board since all boxes contain acid that passes in to the dress fabric causes discolouring and yellowing.

Wardrobes, drawers, suitcase lining and colour dyes in clothes will all have an effect on the purer fabrics of a wedding dress if they lie together. Always separate a wedding dress from any other item using an acid free medium.

NEVER wrap the wedding dress in BLACK tissue paper. All coloured tissue contain dye which will ’bleed’ onto the dress. Place the dress in a totally dark place and use tissue paper which is white and acid free.

Don’t hang a dress on a hanger other than for a short term in order to avoid stress on the seams and shape.

Never store a dress in the attic, even when well protected since there is potential for various problems such as a leaking roof, damp, dirt, squirrels, birds and various insects and mites.

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